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Index of Prosperity and Distress in Australian localities

PDI for Commonwealth Electoral Divisions in QLD

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The PDI gives each SA2 a score based on its prosperity and distress rank across Australia. The score for electorates are the weighted average of their constituent SA2s. Electorates are then divided into five prosperity and distress categories depending on its PDI weighed average score:

PDI category  
Distressed   electorates in the bottom 20th percentile
At risk   electorates between the 20th and 40th percentiles
Mid-range   electorates between the 40th and 60th percentiles
Comfortable   electorates between the 60th and 80th percentiles
Prosperous   electorates in the top 20th percentile

ElectorateStatePDI weighted average Category Party Electorate Profile
HinklerQLD83.47 LNPdView Profile
Wide BayQLD74.21 LNPdView Profile
KennedyQLD74.15 Katter's Australian PartyView Profile
MaranoaQLD73.15 LNPdView Profile
FlynnQLD72.04 LNPdView Profile
CapricorniaQLD67.79 LNPdView Profile
DawsonQLD65.65 LNPdView Profile
BlairQLD63.88 LaborView Profile
LongmanQLD62.46 LaborView Profile
HerbertQLD60.14 LaborView Profile
RankinQLD58.45 LaborView Profile
GroomQLD50.26 LNPcView Profile
PetrieQLD49.51 LNPcView Profile
FordeQLD49.22 LNPcView Profile
LeichhardtQLD47.34 LNPcView Profile
FisherQLD46.85 LNPcView Profile
WrightQLD45.89 LNPcView Profile
BowmanQLD44.79 LNPcView Profile
MoretonQLD44.13 LaborView Profile
OxleyQLD40.56 LaborView Profile
MoncrieffQLD40.04 LNPcView Profile
FairfaxQLD35.48 LNPcView Profile
FaddenQLD34.70 LNPcView Profile
DicksonQLD34.24 LNPcView Profile
BonnerQLD33.72 LNPcView Profile
McPhersonQLD31.79 LNPcView Profile
RyanQLD30.82 LNPcView Profile
LilleyQLD26.86 LaborView Profile
BrisbaneQLD15.61 LNPcView Profile
GriffithQLD15.04 LaborView Profile

Note: LNPc indicates a member of the Liberal National Party who caucuses with the Liberal Party.
LNPd indicates a member of the Liberal National Party who caucuses with the National Party.