Centre of Full Employment and Equity

CofFEE Labour Market Indicators

The Centre of Full Employment and Equity developed a unique set of labour market indicators (CLMI) in response to our concerns that movements in the official unemployment rate did not provide a true reflection of the state of the labour market.

During the 1991 recession, underemployment became a phenomenon for the first time in the Australian labour market. The Australian Bureau of Statistics did not publish a regular time series covering underemployment.

Further, the incidence of hidden unemployment was not documented in the official statistics.

Those shortfalls motivated our research in this area and the technical development of quarterly indicators to better capture the changing labour market.

We stopped compiling our CLMI time series in 2013 when it became clear that the ABS had introduced their own quarterly, then monthly series covering underemployment.

The material presented here is therefore of archival interest.